Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Jessica's buddy Tadeo.
Well another week has gone buy and I just don’t know what to do with my self
This weekend we have a baptism planned for one of my WONDERFUL investigators his name is Alberto I am so excited for him his family and him have been through a lot and they just need this extra boost of blessings that will come from this!!!
Well this week was stake conference so it was nice to see everyone from Monimbo again I just love them all and with changes coming up I don’t want to leave Masaya but It looks like I will be getting one more area before I have to leave this wonderful place I have called home for 18 months it is crazy soooo many things have happened since I have been here at home and here in this country Siblings have gotten married and Have become parents. Sisters have graduated from college and been made Presidents of awesome things my parents have worked hard as ever I am so proud of my family and everything them have been through and done.
In My mission I have seen drunk men sleeping in the street get up and change their lives from black to white I have seen people that couldn’t get pregnant have children. I have seen broken families get fixed broken hearts mended and it’s all because one man loved us all sooo much that He died on the cross for us and we can use this to help not only us change but the lives of others.....don’t be selfish share it.
There have been moments when I’ve cried from joy and from sadness and from stress. I have been frustrated and annoyed but I have learned which feelings come from God and which ones don’t belong. I wake up in the morning now and feel like I am a million bucks and not just 2 I love everyone around me as if they were family I walk down the street here and everyone knows my name and trusts me to help them wash clothes or to cook or to just share a message that will help them be happy I got sent to THIS country on purpose there was not ANY mistake made AT ALL I love it here and I love who sent me more than anything!
Those who are thinking to serve DO IT those who have THANK YOU and those that think they can’t or won’t be able to you can whenever and wherever... if you have neighbors or friends you can!! Just make it happen people!! I love ya´ll sooooo much!! hope you all stay happy and if you aren’t look for something that will help unhappy people are that way by choice....more next week!!
The picture is of my little buddy Tadeo he went to eat lunch with us and his mom.

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