Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 6, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Jessica and her new "Nicaraguan" companion Hermana Ordonez.
“I have a companion from Nicaragua”! …Well I gave that surprise away now didn’t I! Oooops! Well now ya know I have a new friend. My two best friends got changed out of the district and my DL is now my ZL its crazy awesome!!!! 

Well I am going to have to go back and re watch conference I was running around with investigators but hey we got 12 of them to watch the conference!! I got to eat lunch with my family from Masaya!!! And I got to see everyone from the ward!! I was famous.....but seriously EVERYONE knew me I didn’t realize how many friends in Masaya I have!!! I LOVE IT!!! 

Well the last session of conference I TRIED watching it in English It was wayyyy to fast.... and the guy from Africa I had NO Idea what was going on I literally felt as lost listening to English as I didn’t when I first got here.... oh man.... I can say though that the spirit is the same!! That was awesome!! 

Well this week was just fun I feel like sooo much stress has been lifted this last change my investigators and everything else were just wearing on me but now I am wonderful! 

Today I had to go to the offices first time in my whole mission I missed a part on a baptism form sooo I had to head over there! And man I don’t like Managua jaja I love the other parts of this county but Managua no! 

Well I am heading to complete 15 months I am so grateful for this time I have left it is such a blessing I wish I would have more time but I know my mama misses me jeje and my dad too. I will be glad to see you all and hear your testimonies!! You are always thought of!!! By me that is jaja! Man my English is special!! 
Well I love you all!!

"Me and Mery" (sic)
Jessica and Hermana Joselin.

Jessica and Hermana Butler before she went home to Colorado.

Jessica and Hermana Ordonez.

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